Getting Started

  • What is TheViewShed?

    TheViewShed is a community driven visual directory of line-of-sight views from around the world.

    The ‘source’ must be from the ground on Earth (including on hills and mountains) or from a man-made structure attached to the ground.

    The ‘destination’ can be just about anything one can see from the source (that is also ground or attached to the ground on Earth).

    This means that photos or view-claims cannot be from planes, drones, hot air balloons, rockets or space stations.

    This also means being able to see Mars from your house, while cool, is not included.

    We’ve set the limit to anything over 10 kilometres (~6.2 miles).

  • How do I submit my own view?

    Please head over to our ‘Submit A View’ form and follow the instructions.

  • How long will it take for my view to show on the site?

    Please allow up to 48 hours for your record to be reviewed by an admin and published.

    You’ll be notified once this is done if you’ve provided an email address.

  • One of your images is wrong, it doen't show what you're claiming it does!

    Are you sure? Look a bit closer (somewhere in the back) and you might find what you’re after. It’s not always obvious.

    If you’re absolutely sure there’s an error, submit a feedback form here.

  • What do the Status' mean?

    Each view is assigned a status, based on likelihood that the view is possible. These are as follows:

    Confirmed – 100% possible, almost always confirmed by an image.

    Likely – Not confirmed, but very likely to be broadly possible based on distance and environmental factors.

    If Clear – Likely possible, but only under ideal weather conditions.

    Plausible – Under the right conditions this view could be possible, but more evidence is required.

    Dubious – This view is probably mathematically possible, but the conditions required to confirm it might never happen.

    Unlikely – Almost or simply outright impossible (destination is obstructed by something else or is below the horizon), even under ideal conditions.

  • Some of the information is wrong, how do I notify you?

    We’re mostly human, so we make mistakes. If you think you’ve identified incorrect information on one of our views, please submit some feedback here.

  • Is everything on TheViewShed free?

    For you, the user, yes.

    But not for us. We are a team with a particular passion for this topic, and manage the site in our spare time.

    Please consider donating any amount you think is appropriate to help us maintain and build this project.

  • My cousin told me the Earth is flat, are you saying he's wrong?!

    *sigh* You might be on the wrong website.